Intensive Treatment Mobility Services

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What is ITMS?

ITMS is a team behavioral consultation for individuals who have an intellectual disability and other behavioral impairments. To quality for this program the individual must be experiencing difficulty in their residential or work setting due to their behavior. The OMNI ITMS staff will work with the team on identification of the problem as well as creating and implementing solutions.

ITMS is a clinical team of four staff members: licensed psychologist, licensed therapist and two bachelors level implementation specialists who conduct on site sessions within the provider residential or vocational setting in order to consult/assist the team who is currently serving the individual. This service typically is short term observation and intervention stages and up to six months of follow-up across multiple settings and different times of the day. OMNI utilizes evidence based treatments consistent with the presenting problems. Data will be collected to determine the function of the behavior(s) and an intervention plan with recommendations will be written. The OMNI approach is multidisciplinary in nature. The individual and their team's input is the key to the program's success.

Goals of ITMS

  • Consultation: provided to family and providers
  • Assessment: direct observations, clinical file reviews and interviews
  • Training: provided for Vocational and Residential staff on a variety of topics
  • Ongoing Moni toring: provided for up to six months

Who Qualifies for ITMS Services?

  • Health & Human Services - Division of Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator determines eligibility

Presenting Problems typically include

  • Individuals who display behavioral challenges or other maladaptive behaviors identified by client/family/provider.
  • Individuals of any age identified through the Developmental Disability system.
  • Individuals in danger of losing placement in their current provider environment.
  • Teams needing assistance in evaluating behaviors and assistance in designing programs to extinguish maladaptive behaviors.

Staffing Information

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Referral Information

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