Extended Family Home

Extended Family Home Application


What is an Extended Family Home?

An Extended Family Home is a community-based family home which supports individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who also may have a mental health diagnosis.  An EFH home is a great way of supporting and assisting individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disabilities because it provides structure and habilitation training in the most natural setting.

How does it work?

Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis, and other behavioral health impairments are matched with an OMNI Extended Family Home subcontractor by skilled OMNI staff. The EFH home providers receive extensive support, training, and on-going oversight in order to support and assist the individual in service.

Extended Family Home Provider Subcontractor Responsibilities:

Summary: The Extended Family Home Provider functions as the primary caregiver for an individual (adult or child) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The EFH provider welcomes the individual into his/her home with the goal being permanent placement. The EFH provider is responsible for supervising, supporting, and guiding habilitation for the individual who is placed in his/her home. The EFH provider runs individualized programming on a daily basis, including Behavior Support Plans and Habilitation Plans, as developed by OMNI Behavioral Health staff. The EFH provider works collaboratively with OMNI Behavioral Health staff, as well as the individual’s IPP team, which includes the DD Service Coordinator and guardian.  The EFH provider provides reliable and on-time transportation of the individual to all appointments/meetings/work, etc. The EFH provider is organized and completes online documentation on a daily basis.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Valid Nebraska Driver’s license

  • Ability to travel by means of dependable transportation; and to maintain adequate car insurance

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the individual served, as well as team members, including OMNI Behavioral Health staff, DD service coordinators, guardians, nurses, etc.

  • Ability to accept feedback from team members and implement changes in programming and/or the home when recommended

  • Ability to record accurate information in Therap as part of daily documentation

  • Knowledge and experience of working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and/or severe and persistent mental health diagnosis preferred

Major Responsibilities:

  • Run programming daily with the individual as written by OMNI Behavioral Health staff

  • Establish a familial environment with the individual in the home while maintaining confidentiality

  • Complete online documentation for programs and medications on a daily basis

  • Recognize emergency situations and be able to apply Mandt and the individual’s safety plan

  • Learn and use teaching strategies as appropriate, including modeling, role playing, positive praise, etc.

  • Attend and participate in team meetings for the individual

  • Assist the individual with financial and medical services as needed

  • Attend all mandatory quarterly trainings with OMNI Behavioral Health

Who is served?

The following are some common needs of individuals requesting EFH placement:

  • Personal care such as assistance with hygiene, medication administration, toileting, dressing, eating, and drinking

  • House management such as meal preparation, cleaning, organizational skills

  • Communication and social skills such as identifying choices, expressing wants and needs, thoughts, expressive and receptive language skills, interacting in social settings

  • Sensory motor skills such as manipulation, ambulation, visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation

  • Academic skills such as budgeting, time management, calendar skills, number concepts

  • Community skills such as transportation within the community, shopping for personal care items, food, clothing, navigating the individual’s community settings

  • Leisure/recreational skills such as formal and informal supports, clubs such as Special Olympics, church activities

  • Behavioral management skills such as utilizing coping strategies, maintaining baseline behavior, teaching, modeling, prompting, and reinforcement of positive behaviors, supervision

  • Management of symptoms of mental illness



OMNI Behavioral Health provides reimbursement for EFH subcontractor services. The rate is determined by the severity of need of the individual in services. The individual pays room and board directly to the EFH provider.

Interested in referring an individual to OMNI Behavioral Health for EFH services?

Please contact the individual’s Service Coordinator through the Department of Health and Human Services Developmental Disabilities division to make a referral.

Interested in applying to become an Extended Family Home Provider?

You can apply to become an Extended Family Home Provider by printing the Extended Family Home provider application located above and mail/fax to OMNI Behavioral Health. You can also contact the Extended Family Home Supervisor below.

Extended Family Home Provider Contacts

  • Ashlee Trapp, BA
    5115 F Street
    Omaha, NE 68117
    Phone: (402) 397-9866 ext. 130
    Fax: (402) 397-1404

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