Substitute Care


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What is Substitute Care?

OMNI serves individuals of all ages with a variety of medical, emotional, and behavioral health needs. These programs support those needing a home due to family conflict, developmental disabilities, a history of trauma, or mental illness.  When you participate in substitute care services, OMNI will provide you with a specialist to assist with accessing resources and 24/7 support. OMNI hosts regular trainings, encouraging participation and access to a community network of others providers. In addition, individuals have access to a licensed mental health therapist and psychologist to offer clinical guidance.

What is the process?

1.  Visit OMNI online
2.  Call OMNI for more information on the programs available to you
3.  Complete preliminary inquirey form by clicking here
4.  Schedule a tour of your home
5.  Complete OMNI trainings
6.  Meet and greet with your team

Who can become a Substitute Care Provider?

•  An adult aged 21 and older willing to commit his/her time and energy to a child or adult with significant needs
•  Married or Single
•  Adults who meet the regulation requirements for background checks and have sufficient housing
•  Residing in Omaha, Lincoln, and surrounding areas

Interested in applying to become a Substitute Care Provider?

Click the link above for which program you are interested in becoming a provider for.  The applications will be located on the program page.

For more information, contact:

Heather Hollmann
402.397.9866 Ext. 189