Process & Outcomes

OMNI Behavioral Health's aim is to provide effective clinical services for youth, adults and families who are in need.

Available evidence demonstrates that children and their families can benefit from psychological interventions that focus on the child, the parents and the social system within which problems occur. Effective interventions for a wide variety of behavioral health problems include parent-child behavioral management skill training, and individual cognitive behavior therapy. These interventions are aimed at developing the skills required for regulating negative emotional and behavioral states such as anger, anxiety, depression, and physical acting out.

Because children's behavior and socio-emotional development occurs within both the family and the community where the family resides, effective interventions for the family require a comprehensive and accurate assessment of individual behavior and the interaction patterns between individuals and their social environment that contribute either to emotional and behavioral problems or their elimination. The assessment then guides what must become a coordinated intervention both with and between the affected children, their family, and their social subsystems in the community. OMNI Behavioral Health specializes in this type of care.

OMNI Behavioral Health is significantly invested with the care and services of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Individualized person centered supportive services, and the promotion of self-determination and autonomous decision making for individuals with intellectual disabilities are essential to OMNI Behavioral Health. The focus is always safety and community integration for individuals with intellectual disabilities.